18 September 2016


WESTWILL : can we meet CRYPTEX

WESTWILL : how did the name CRYPTEX come about ?
CRYPTEX : The name "CRYPTEX" come from a computer device, it is use to code valuable things like map, documents and valuable informations.

WESTWILL : what are CRYPTEX full name, Background and academics
CRYPTEX : well, CRYPTEX full names are YUSUF ADEOYE AMAO, Born in lagos state into the family of 7 and im the last born, im a student of KWARA STATE POLYTECHNIC studying computer science

WESTWILL : what motivated you into music ?
CRYPTEX: i love music from childhood and i have passion for it and i want to pass a message to the world with it.

WESTWILL : Looking to your early childhood, what was your first experience with music like ?
CRYPTEX : my first experience i was a novice .. I actually didnt know anything about music, but later I discovered it was a talent

WESTWILL : which artiste motivated you into music ?
CRYPTEX: oh well, 2face, Beautiful Nubian, 9ice, Odolaye aremu, Sunny ade and Fela Kuti (Egunla lo n keyingbale)

WESTWILL : why did you settle for R'n'B and not hip-hop or other genre ?
CRYPTEX : well im not an R'n'b artiste but let me say im versatile

WESTWILL : how long have you been doig music as a career ?
CRYPTEX:  well, i stated 3 years ago

WESTWILL : so far how man songs have you done and released?
CRYPTEX : so far so good, just 3 tracks and it will be trending very soon and especially "CHANGES" that will be out soon by October 1st

WESTWILL : how do you manage school and music ?
CRYPTEX : managing school and music is not easy but with God i guess its balanced

WESTWILL : do you have other talents aside music ?
CRYPTEX : yes i do, ... i love football and i also love making people people laff and also sound in different voices

WESTWILL : how long do u plan to do music ?
CRYPTEX : i have no limited time, I'm doing music till my last breath

WESTWILL : how important is music to you ?
CRYPTEX : music to me is like my Life .. and just like H2o because without H2o you cant live

WESTWILL :are you signed to any label ?
CRYPTEX : no, Not yet .. im looking upto one

WESTWILL : any awards so far ?
CRYPTEX : im looking up to that one day because "Olamide no get two heads oh and wizkid seff no get two heads"

WESTWILL : what are we expecting from CRYPTEX? A mixtape album or more collabos and singles ?
CRYPTEX : expect more singles and mixtape in the next coming months

WESTWILL : which artiste, producer or director will you love to work with both home and away if given the opportunity?
CRYPTEX : well, 2Face , Asa , Reminisce, Olamide, Pheelz, Young John, Tekno, Sarz and away errr Akon, Chris Brown, Diamond platinumz, R.Kelly

WESTWILL : what is music in your own word ?

WESTWILL : and so far so good, what will you say about your new track "CHANGES" ?
CRYPTEX: my new track is the voice of Nigeria, the government need to listen to what "CHANGES" is all about and people to download it, so government can work on the needs of the nations

WESTWILL : what challenges do you face doing music ?
CRYPTEX : the greatest challenge is with the producers ..no matter how good you are if the producer is not good then you are not good too and secondly i face Financial challenge too and then to circulate my music is another challenge

WESTWILL : where do you see yourself in the next Five Years ?
CRYPTEX : i see myself ontop of the chart and doing great !

WESTWILL : so lets get personal a little, are you currently in a relationship or still searching ?
CRYPTEX : *lol* i no get any serious one oh , coz dem go dey calculate your life for you ni

WESTWILL : where do you love to hang out ?
CRYPTEX : like my name CRYPTEX, everything about me is encrypted so you have to get close to me and you know who i am. Lol

WESTWILL : any favorite food , place or brand ?
CRYPTEX : favorite food is " BREAD AND BEANS" because it has been helping me from day 1 and when things get better .. my brother story go change ! .. my brand is Ferrari

WESTWILL : do you have a crush on any female celebrity? Home and Away ? If any tell us

WESTWILL : which female Celebrity would you like to spend quality time with ?
CRYPTEX : well none

WESTWILL : any advice from CRYPTEX to the other upcoming artistes ?
CRYPTEX : my advice to them is to "Never Say Never" and believe in themselves!

WESTWILL : any shout outs ?
CRYPTEX : well, S/O to Nino jays, Dizzy K, DYC, G-Soul, Cyborg, and all bloggers and media(s) out there.. friends and family with fans !

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